Giovanni Mirabassi
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"Giovanni Mirabassi... The track Place de la mairie  issued from the record Architectures, in 1998, was a real discovery.
  It is music that touches to the essential: to the drama of existence, by a touch of melancholy, and to the passion of life by Giovanni Mirabassi’s powerful engagement in the improvisations on the revolutionary songs of Avanti! in 2000.
  It is a way of phrasing which is rich in emotions, and in which he integrates the audience,  by creating a particular link with it. He says himself "the audience is an integrating part in my musical research... It is a big part of the risk-taking... and the goal of my life... there is an  addiction to the magic of the concert, when everybody thrills in perfect unison".
(La Base, November 2002)

  It is a very personal style which runs through the original compositions, beauty and elegance of the melodic lines, never ending sensitivity of a contrasted playing, gentle or wild... Something of the "Italian soul" as we commonly say "the Slavic soul". Moreover these two types of romanticism, Italian and Polish, had to meet one day on the record Mirabassi & Jagodzinski Trio (2002), where the "introduction to jazz" of Jagodzinski's accordion brings warm unissued colours to all the interpretations.

  It is an international meeting, with Flavio Boltro et Glenn Ferris around the (((Air))) project, in 2003, where piano, trumpet and trombone achieve a single, subtle and perfect blend.

  Prima o Poi is another great encounter,  between Flavio Boltro, Louis Moutin and Gildas Boclé...  Il bandolero stanco  and  Symphomaniax  are already engraved in our memories. Let's notice specially on this album, the lyricism and energy of very "jazz" solos (Tôt ou tard, Symphomaniax, Minor voyage)

  Giovanni Mirabassi,  a magician, is big news in the world of jazz.
(Annie Staricky, November 2005)

  ...and the story continues to unfold with the forming of the Trio Mirabassi, Renzi, Parker (Gianluca Renzi on the bass, and Leon Parker on the drums). The trio’s musical power was  confirmed straight away with their first album Terra Furiosa (February 2008), then Out of Track (March 2009).The three musicians achieve an astounding musical complicity in the rhythm  and sound they produce, and the very corporeal way in which they perform jazz. In a most peculiar way, the internal powerful energy they create during concerts reaches out to the enthusiastic audience.

  They also excel in the art of genre contrast : first with their swinging version of the great standards -Alone Together, Impressions (Coltrane) ; second, a note of nostalgia with Alfonsina y el mar (Ramírez), Vuelvo al Sur (Piazzolla) ; then the committed songs so dear to Giovanni Mirabassi and taken again from Avanti ! and especially the song the Chant des Partisans, « which suggests the initial presence of fairy fingers swinging above the Vercors Maquis » (Christian Larrède from the Inrockuptibles), is a piece which Giovanni never fails to play at concerts and always at the right moment.

  Two landmark events celebrated Giovanni Mirabassi's ten years of musical career this year :  an exceptional concert given  at the New Morning  in October 2009 on this particular occasion, and another concert performed in trio at l' Athénée on the release of his latest album Out of Track !

  ...The adventure is going on for the trio… with the recording of their next album live, in March 2010...
(A.S, August 2009)

  ... 22 November 2010, release of Live @ the Blue Note, Tokyo, recorded on 23rd April 2010 at the Blue Note in Tokyo. The musical precision, the richness and technical strength of those three musicians who know how to combine their creativity in an alchemical way, contribute to make this album a superb punctuation of Giovanni Mirabassi Trio, with Leon Parker. The sound recording is excellent. Let us mention one piece in particular: World changes, which was composed by Giovanni Mirabassi on the night of Obama’s election: a strong powerful movement full of swing and dramatic emotion, which carries us along progressively towards a summit full of hope. Let us also mention the melodic richness of Gold and Diamonds and the very moving and delicate waltz My Broken Heart. A final praise to Gianluca Renzi’s constant virtuosity and subtlety, and Leon Parker’s touch on the drums in It is what it is.
  We welcome the arrival of drummer Lukmil Pérez in the Giovanni Mirabassi Trio, in August 2010. The wonderful concerts for the release of the new album took place on 21st, 22nd and 23rd December 2010 at the Sunside. The trio will be playing again on 7th and 8th February 2011 at the Théâtre du Châtelet.

  ...¡ Adelante ! was released on 27th October 2011. Performing as a soloist once more, Giovanni Mirabassi recorded his new album on 1st May that year, in Cuba. Just as in the album Avanti ! (2001), the pianist re-explores all the greatest international protest songs – those of France, The Soviet Union, Cuba, Argentina, Chile and South Africa… which emerge at exactly the right moment in our current social and cultural landscape. A landscape over which the ravages of society cast a dark shadow, constraining people both in terms of their hopes and their protests. Giovanni Mirabassi feels passionately about both symbols and history and this is reflected in the music. The Internationale appears first on the album, followed by Hasta Siempre in which Angela Herrera sings a very moving version of the Farewell of the Cuban people to Comandante Che Guevara, Libertango in which Piazzolla brings together love and freedom, Le Chant des Canuts in which Aristide Bruant celebrates the workers’ revolt among the Lyon weavers, and Le temps du Muguet… The album’s final offering brings a poignant note of hope with Gracias a la Vida, the South-American song rendered famous by Mercedes Sosa.

Giovanni Mirabassi plays all these protest songs with his unique and brilliant sense of melody, rhythm and improvisation…. An outstanding album…

On 16th November, Salle Pleyel in Paris, Giovanni Mirabassi performs a brilliant improvisation as a soloist for one whole hour, enabling the audience to enter his very personal and beautiful musical world…

On 21st September 2011, in the Brooklyn studios (NYC), recording of the album Tribute to Bill, with Giovanni Mirabassi, piano, Gianluca Renzi, double bass, and Bill Evans’ talented drummer : Eliot Zigmund. It is a collector’s edition released in July 2013 and limited to 250 copies ; each set comprising a CD and a long play record. The release came off on July 2013.

On 27th November 2011, in South Korea, the Mirabassi-Renzi-Perez Trio recorded the album Viva V.E.R.D.I. with the Bee Orchestra philarmonic orchestra, conducted by Lorenzo Pagliei. Viva V.E.R.D.I. is released on 13th March 2013. In this album, Giovanni Mirabassi says he “sends out a cry of love and revolt addressed to Italy which is suffering so much today…” and that the eponymous title of the album is the equivalent of the French «Temps des cerises». The album’s themes are beautiful and the combination between the rhythms of the Jazz Trio and the string orchestra’s lyrical flights is subtle and perfect.