Giovanni Mirabassi...

...with Nicolas Reggiani
Léo, en toute liberté

...with Agnès Bihl
La terre est blonde

Merci maman Merci papa

...with Adanowsky
Etoile éternelle

    Giovanni Mirabassi has been interested and working on songs for a long time.
Since the beginning of his career, he has shown a great attachment to this field of creation.
    In Nicolas Reggiani’s songs, he accompanies him on the piano in the album Léo, en toute liberté (2004).
    « Reggiani, Ferré ! Names which make lovers of the Chanson française dream. We are dealing here with a descendant: Nicolas is Serge Reggiani’s greatson, who thus perpetuates the interpret’s path and voice. For this particular album he takes on Léo Ferré’s songs. Some are rare pieces which were handed down to him by Mathieu Ferré,  La mauvaise graine , La nuit a fière allure, which Nicolas Reggiani tackles without restraint, with just a touch of timid gravity. He also takes back songs by the duo Aragon / Ferré, Est-ce que les hommes vivent ?,  Blues …In our current world where everything is consumable, it is worth noting that those songs never fall out of fashion ; rather they are eternal and their poetry reach to your heart. Vingt ans L’âge d’or  are songs which give back hope, make us dream of a better world.
    With Giovanni Mirabassi, he has found an ideal partner who is more used to the free expression of jazz, and as a refined pianist, offers more than just a standard accompaniment. He stays close to the singer’s voice and offers beautiful melodic passages when the voice ceases. Nicolas Reggiani ‘s real achievement is singing Ferré’s songs, without trying to sound like Léo. »