Giovanni Mirabassi...

...with Nicolas Reggiani
Léo, en toute liberté

...with Agnès Bihl
La terre est blonde

Merci maman Merci papa

...with Adanowsky
Etoile éternelle

    Here, Giovanni Mirabassi accompanies the singer Adanowsky...

The CD Etoile éternelle  was released on 2006, october 23th .
Exceptional concert on 2006, october 12th, at the Nouveau Casino de Paris.

    With his mischievous look, his coaxing smile and his slim figure, Adanowsky only maintains a thin link with reality. The roots, as well as the origins of Adan Jodorowski’s surrealism stem from the South-American continent ; he was himself influenced by a cosmopolitan education which widened his horizons, on a musical plane too. He learnt very quick to use all the black keys on the piano, and started doing rhythm&blues and jazz by absorbing rock’n’roll in his primal conception, that of Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis as well as the mellow melancholy of Ray Charles.
    Surrounded by experts like Giovanni Mirabassi, Frank Vaillant, Laurent Griffon, Steve Arguelles, Jérôme Goldet, John Handelsman and Yarol Poupaud as guitarist-musical director and since 2003, Adanowsky has earned himself the reputation of a great performer, worthy of his heroes Wilson Pickett and Sammy Davis Jr. He has provoked an incredible frenzy in his audience, and especially among the women.
    On his CDs this frenzy sometimes turns into more intimate atmospheres. Similar to a Tom Waits with Chilean and Mexican blood, Adanowsky lets himself be carried away, in French as well as in his Spanish mother tongue, into breathtaking ballads (  No ,  Yo soy ) and poignant confessions(  Estoy Mal, « Poudre d’Ange »). The pop fluidity of his compositions ( L’idole ) emphasizes the mischievous intentions of his acid portraits ( La Course des Rats , Chanteur A Bobos ) and the bitterness of human failures ( Tuez-Vous, Tuez-Vous ). The Latin colour of the album is also found in the languorous tragic waltz El Muerto Vivo showing exacerbated sincerity, as opposed to the incestuous bolero  Maman T’As Pas Fini .
    Adanowsky is then joined by another artist accustomed to smoke-filled bars and old pianos : Arthur H, crooning in duet « Compagnon Du Ciel », an angels’ dialogue debating the necessity to save humankind. He then uncovers his lustful sentimental nature with « Etoile Eternelle », a rhumba-swing bursting into a powerful unity of brass instruments.
    Already an accomplished showman, Adanowsky shows at twenty five years’ old that he is already the author of skilful texts and a gifted composer, a sequined sorcerer always seeking wonder.