Giovanni Mirabassi...

...with Nicolas Reggiani
Léo, en toute liberté

...with Agnès Bihl
La terre est blonde

Merci maman Merci papa

...with Adanowsky
Etoile éternelle

    In the same way, he composes the music for Agnès Bihl’s songs, in her two albums, La terre est blonde  (2001) and  merci maman merci papa  (2005).
    « Agnès Bihl’s texts are remarkable: they say exactly what has to be said, what should not be kept unsaid!
    It’s a precious look on the world: an irrevocable criticism of mistakes and abuses. But also a great pleasure when listening to Papa dimanche or Paris en Août and the evocations of the different times in one’s life at 7, 13, 30 years’ old…
    Pertinence, poetry, humour and a powerful presence on stage: all the necessary ingredients to convey a message… successfully. All for the best. And the music composed, for a lot of songs, by Giovanni Mirabassi, is there again, beautiful, the same as ever: it accompanies and supports those messages… in such a natural way. »
Annie Staricky